Credit Card Debt Relief Ideas

OK, lets face it. Everyone has some credit card debt. Some have just a little, they pay it off every month, and they're done with it. Some have a moderate amount, and pay it off in a few months.

Now the sad part. Many have credit card debt that they will never be able to pay off. The minimum payment is almost more than they can afford. The interest eats up what they do pay so that none of it goes toward paying down the balance. Sleepless nights are frequent, and a bottle of antacid is not very far away.

I'm here to say, relax. Lets look at the situation in the cold light of logic. The key is to make a plan, stick to the plan, and not create any more debt.

Remember, your creditors do not want you to default, they want to continue to get paid. You have the upper hand. They are in your pocket, not the other way around. You have something they want. Keeping that in mind, do a chant or something and find your center.

Lets take a look at what can be done to get things back on track and get out of credit card debt.

First and easiest is to just call your creditor. Tell them the situation. Ask them to lower the interest rate or alter the payment. There are credit counseling services that can negotiate this for you, but most are just in it for the money. Its a simple procedure you can do yourself.

Be polite, but be firm. Know what you want to ask for when you call, and do not take no for an answer.

I harp on this issue quite a bit in my other articles, but one thing you have to do to get out of credit card debt is stop charging. The easiest way to do that is scissor method. It does little good to make the effort to get your debt under control, if you just keep running up more. Do whatever you have to do, but get rid of the card. Its an anchor keeping you from achieving your long term financial goals.

Getting rid of the cards are the hardest part of getting debt under control. We are a society addicted to credit, and its time for rehab.

Enough preaching!

Use the "debt snowball" if you have more than one card. Pay the minimum on all cards but one. Set a budget that is as much as you can afford, or a time frame for payoff and concentrate your efforts on only one card. Pick either the highest interest rate card, or the one with the lowest balance. When that card is paid, move on to the next card.

The big credit card companies do not like losing money. They do not want you to default. Work with them, get out of credit card debt, pay down your balances and get on with your life.

Source by Ted Batron

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