Government Credit Card Debt Relief – How To Avoid Being Scammed

Are you one of those Americans who contribute to the billions of dollars that are in debt to credit card companies? Have you been wondering about reducing credit card government assistance? More and more Americans are experiencing hard times paying their credit card bills and have been tired searching for a so-called federal credit card debt assistance.

The federal government is now offering many ways to relief credit card debtors off their delinquent loans. Many federal agencies provide borrowers with information about credit card debt settlements and consolidations free of charge. Free credit card debt counseling is also offered by many non-profit federal agencies. The Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies and The National Foundation for Credit counseling help debtors determine a way or another to settle their credit card debts. Although the internet is filled with scams about credit counseling agencies, many agencies offer a wide array of solutions to debtors who do some good research.

An accredited credit counseling agency should be identified by the IRS as a non-profit organization. Moreover, counseling agencies, which hold all required licenses and are known to present their clients with statements at identified intervals, are mostly trustable and offer genuine assistance. On the other side, counseling agents, who claim that they can drop all your debt, or demand payments from you to discard credit card bills are often scams that would be of no help while throwing more on your burden.

In certain eligible circumstances, some debtors can receive federal grants that could pay off a part or even all their credit card debts. The first step in gaining a federal grant is filling an application form. The application form could be delivered through the internet on federally approved web sites. Some documents are needed to be presented with your application form; these include the social security number, your credit card bills and a copy of your monthly paycheck. Take care! Get away from web sites that ask for money to get you the application form; they are charging you for a service that is offered free by the government.

Although hundreds of people where scammed while they were searching for reducing credit card debt government assistance, genuine opportunities can be seized by those who do some research to find truthful federal assistance channels. The federal government can consolidate, settle, decrease interest rates or even pay off delinquent credit card debts.

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